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BodyBuilder Class

A message body builder.
Inheritance Hierarchy

Namespace:  MimeKit
Assembly:  MimeKit (in MimeKit.dll) Version: 3.0.0
public class BodyBuilder

The BodyBuilder type exposes the following members.

Public methodCode exampleBodyBuilder
Initialize a new instance of the BodyBuilder class.
Public propertyCode exampleAttachments
Get the attachments.
Public propertyCode exampleHtmlBody
Get or set the html body.
Public propertyCode exampleLinkedResources
Get the linked resources.
Public propertyCode exampleTextBody
Get or set the text body.
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Public methodCode exampleToMessageBody
Construct the message body based on the text-based bodies, the linked resources, and the attachments.
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Returns a string that represents the current object.
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BodyBuilder is a helper class for building common MIME body structures.
            var message = new MimeMessage ();
            message.From.Add (new MailboxAddress ("Joey", ""));
            message.To.Add (new MailboxAddress ("Alice", ""));
            message.Subject = "How you doin?";

            var builder = new BodyBuilder ();

            // Set the plain-text version of the message text
            builder.TextBody = @"Hey Alice,

What are you up to this weekend? Monica is throwing one of her parties on
Saturday and I was hoping you could make it.

Will you be my +1?

-- Joey

            // In order to reference selfie.jpg from the html text, we'll need to add it
            // to builder.LinkedResources and then use its Content-Id value in the img src.
            var image = builder.LinkedResources.Add (@"C:\Users\Joey\Documents\Selfies\selfie.jpg");
            image.ContentId = MimeUtils.GenerateMessageId ();

            // Set the html version of the message text
            builder.HtmlBody = string.Format (@"<p>Hey Alice,<br>
<p>What are you up to this weekend? Monica is throwing one of her parties on
Saturday and I was hoping you could make it.<br>
<p>Will you be my +1?<br>
<p>-- Joey<br>
<center><img src=""cid:{0}""></center>", image.ContentId);

            // We may also want to attach a calendar event for Monica's party...
            builder.Attachments.Add (@"C:\Users\Joey\Documents\party.ics");

            // Now we just need to set the message body and we're done
            message.Body = builder.ToMessageBody ();
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