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SaslMechanismNtlm Properties

The SaslMechanismNtlm type exposes the following members.

Public propertyCredentials
Gets the user's credentials.
(Inherited from SaslMechanism.)
Public propertyIsAuthenticated
Gets or sets whether the SASL mechanism has finished authenticating.
(Inherited from SaslMechanism.)
Public propertyMechanismName
Gets the name of the mechanism.
(Overrides SaslMechanismMechanismName.)
Public propertyNegotiatedSecurityLayer
Gets whether or not a security layer was negotiated.
(Inherited from SaslMechanism.)
Public propertySupportsInitialResponse
Gets whether or not the mechanism supports an initial response (SASL-IR).
(Overrides SaslMechanismSupportsInitialResponse.)
Public propertyWorkstation
Gets or sets the workstation name to use for authentication.
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