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MailKit.Net.Imap Namespace

The MailKit.Net.Imap namespace provides classes that are necessary for managing messages on an IMAP server.
Public classCode exampleImapClient
An IMAP client that can be used to retrieve messages from a server.
Public classImapCommandException
An exception that is thrown when an IMAP command returns NO or BAD.
Public classImapEvent
An IMAP notification event.
Public classImapEventMessageNew
An IMAP event notification for new or appended messages.
Public classImapEventGroup
An IMAP event group used with the NOTIFY command.
Public classCode exampleImapFolder
An IMAP folder.
Public classImapFolderConstructorArgs
Constructor arguments for ImapFolder.
Public classCode exampleImapImplementation
The details of an IMAP client or server implementation.
Public classImapMailboxFilter
An IMAP mailbox filter for use with the NOTIFY command.
Public classImapMailboxFilterMailboxes
An IMAP mailbox filter that specifies a list of folders to receive notifications about.
Public classImapMailboxFilterSubtree
An IMAP mailbox filter that specifies a list of folder subtrees to get notifications about.
Public classImapProtocolException
An IMAP protocol exception.
Public delegateImapFetchStreamCallback
A callback used when fetching message streams.
Public enumerationCode exampleImapCapabilities
Capabilities supported by an IMAP server.
Public enumerationImapCommandResponse
An enumeration of possible IMAP command responses.