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MailKit Namespace

The MailKit namespace provides classes that are used to implement the core services of the framework.
Public classCode exampleAccessControl
An Access Control.
Public classCode exampleAccessControlList
An Access Control List (ACL)
Public classAccessRights
A set of access rights.
Public classAlertEventArgs
Alert event arguments.
Public classAnnotation
An annotation.
Public classAnnotationAttribute
An annotation attribute.
Public classAnnotationEntry
An annotation entry.
Public classAnnotationsChangedEventArgs
Event args used when an annotation changes.
Public classAuthenticatedEventArgs
Authenticated event arguments.
Public classCode exampleBodyPart
An abstract body part of a message.
Public classCode exampleBodyPartBasic
A basic message body part.
Public classBodyPartCollection
A BodyPart collection.
Public classBodyPartMessage
A message/rfc822 body part.
Public classBodyPartMultipart
A multipart body part.
Public classCode exampleBodyPartText
A textual body part.
Public classBodyPartVisitor
Represents a visitor for a tree of MIME body parts.
Public classCommandException
The exception that is thrown when there is a command error.
Public classConnectedEventArgs
Connected event arguments.
Public classDisconnectedEventArgs
Disconnected event arguments.
Public classEnvelope
A message envelope containing a brief summary of the message.
Public classFolderCreatedEventArgs
Event args used when a IMailFolder is created.
Public classFolderNamespace
A folder namespace.
Public classFolderNamespaceCollection
A read-only collection of folder namespaces.
Public classFolderNotFoundException
The exception that is thrown when a folder could not be found.
Public classFolderNotOpenException
The exception that is thrown when a folder is not open.
Public classCode exampleFolderQuota
A folder quota.
Public classFolderRenamedEventArgs
Event args used when a IMailFolder is renamed.
Public classMailFolder
An abstract mail folder implementation.
Public classMailService
An abstract mail service implementation.
Public classMailSpool
An abstract mail spool implementation.
Public classMailStore
An abstract mail store implementation.
Public classMailTransport
An abstract mail transport implementation.
Public classMessageEventArgs
Event args used when the state of a message changes.
Public classMessageFlagsChangedEventArgs
Event args for the MessageFlagsChanged event.
Public classMessageLabelsChangedEventArgs
Event args for the MessageLabelsChanged event.
Public classMessageNotFoundException
The exception that is thrown when a message (or body part) could not be found.
Public classMessageSentEventArgs
Event args used when a message is successfully sent.
Public classMessageSorter
Routines for sorting messages.
Public classMessageSummary
A summary of a message.
Public classMessageSummaryFetchedEventArgs
Event args used when a message summary has been fetched from a folder.
Public classMessagesVanishedEventArgs
Event args used when a message vanishes from a folder.
Public classMessageThread
A message thread.
Public classMessageThreader
Threads messages according to the algorithms defined in rfc5256.
Public classMetadata
A metadata tag and value.
Public classMetadataChangedEventArgs
Event args used when a metadata changes.
Public classMetadataCollection
A collection of metadata.
Public classMetadataOptions
A set of options to use when requesting metadata.
Public classModSeqChangedEventArgs
Event args for the ModSeqChanged event.
Public classNullProtocolLogger
A protocol logger that does not log to anywhere.
Public classProtocolException
The exception that is thrown when there is a protocol error.
Public classCode exampleProtocolLogger
A default protocol logger for logging the communication between a client and server.
Public classServiceNotAuthenticatedException
The exception that is thrown when the IMailService is not authenticated.
Public classServiceNotConnectedException
The exception that is thrown when the IMailService is not connected.
Public classUniqueIdMap
A mapping of unique identifiers.
Public classUniqueIdRange
A range of UniqueId items.
Public classUniqueIdSet
A set of unique identifiers.
Public classWebAlertEventArgs
Alert event arguments.
Public structureAccessRight
An individual Access Right to be used with ACLs.
Public structureAuthenticationSecret
An authentication secret.
Public structureMetadataTag
A metadata tag.
Public structureUniqueId
A unique identifier.
Public interfaceIAuthenticationSecretDetector
An interface for detecting authentication secrets.
Public interfaceIMailFolder
An interface for a mailbox folder as used by IMailStore.
Public interfaceIMailService
An interface for message services such as SMTP, POP3, or IMAP.
Public interfaceIMailSpool
An interface for retreiving messages from a spool.
Public interfaceIMailStore
An interface for retreiving messages from a message store.
Public interfaceIMailTransport
An interface for sending messages.
Public interfaceIMessageSummary
A summary of a message.
Public interfaceCode exampleIProtocolLogger
An interface for logging the communication between a client and server.
Public interfaceITransferProgress
An interface for reporting progress of uploading or downloading messages.
Public enumerationAnnotationAccess
An annotation access level.
Public enumerationAnnotationScope
The scope of an annotation.
Public enumerationDeliveryStatusNotification
Delivery status notification types.
Public enumerationCode exampleFolderAccess
A folder access mode.
Public enumerationFolderAttributes
Folder attributes as used by Attributes.
Public enumerationFolderFeature
An optional feature that an IMailFolder may support.
Public enumerationMessageFlags
An enumeration of message flags.
Public enumerationMessageSummaryItems
A bitfield of MessageSummary fields.
Public enumerationSpecialFolder
An enumeration of special folders.
Public enumerationStatusItems
Status items.
Public enumerationThreadingAlgorithm
An enumeration of threading algorithms.