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MimePart Properties

The MimePart type exposes the following members.

Public propertyCode exampleContent
Gets or sets the MIME content.
Public propertyContentBase
Gets or sets the base content URI.
(Inherited from MimeEntity.)
Public propertyContentDescription
Gets or sets the description of the content if available.
Public propertyContentDisposition
Gets or sets the content disposition.
(Inherited from MimeEntity.)
Public propertyContentDuration
Gets or sets the duration of the content if available.
Public propertyContentId
Gets or sets the content identifier.
(Inherited from MimeEntity.)
Public propertyContentLocation
Gets or sets the content location.
(Inherited from MimeEntity.)
Public propertyContentMd5
Gets or sets the md5sum of the content.
Public propertyContentTransferEncoding
Gets or sets the content transfer encoding.
Public propertyContentType
Gets the type of the content.
(Inherited from MimeEntity.)
Public propertyCode exampleFileName
Gets or sets the name of the file.
Public propertyHeaders
Gets the list of headers.
(Inherited from MimeEntity.)
Public propertyIsAttachment
Gets a value indicating whether this MimePart is an attachment.
(Inherited from MimeEntity.)
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