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ImapEventMessageExpunge Field

An IMAP event notification for expunged messages.

Namespace:  MailKit.Net.Imap
Assembly:  MailKit (in MailKit.dll) Version: 3.0.0
public static readonly ImapEvent MessageExpunge

Field Value

Type: ImapEvent

If the expunged message or messages are in the selected mailbox, the server notifies the client using MessageExpunged (or MessagesVanished if the QRESYNC extension has been enabled via EnableQuickResync(CancellationToken) or EnableQuickResyncAsync(CancellationToken)).

If the expunged message or messages are in another mailbox, the UidNext and Count properties will be updated and the appropriate UidNextChanged and CountChanged events will be emitted for the relevant folder. If the QRESYNC extension is enabled, the HighestModSeq property will also be updated and the HighestModSeqChanged event will be emitted.

Note Note
if a client requests MessageExpunge with the Selected mailbox specifier, the meaning of a message index can change at any time, so the client cannot use message indexes in commands anymore. The client MUST use API variants that take UniqueId or a IListT. The meaning of ** can also change when messages are added or expunged. A client wishing to keep using message indexes can either use the SelectedDelayed mailbox specifier or can avoid using the MessageExpunge event entirely.
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