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DigestAlgorithm Enumeration

A digest algorithm.

Namespace: MimeKit.Cryptography
Assembly: MimeKit (in MimeKit.dll) Version: 4.1.0
public enum DigestAlgorithm
Member nameValueDescription
None0 No digest algorithm specified.
MD51 The MD5 digest algorithm.
Sha12 The SHA-1 digest algorithm.
RipeMD1603 The Ripe-MD/160 digest algorithm.
DoubleSha4 The double-SHA digest algorithm.
MD25 The MD2 digest algorithm.
Tiger1926 The TIGER/192 digest algorithm.
Haval51607 The HAVAL 5-pass 160-bit digest algorithm.
Sha2568 The SHA-256 digest algorithm.
Sha3849 The SHA-384 digest algorithm.
Sha51210 The SHA-512 digest algorithm.
Sha22411 The SHA-224 digest algorithm.
MD4301 The MD4 digest algorithm.

Digest algorithms are secure hashing algorithms that are used to generate unique fixed-length signatures for arbitrary data.

The most commonly used digest algorithms are currently MD5 and SHA-1, however, MD5 was successfully broken in 2008 and should be avoided. In late 2013, Microsoft announced that they would be retiring their use of SHA-1 in their products by 2016 with the assumption that its days as an unbroken digest algorithm were numbered. It is speculated that the SHA-1 digest algorithm will be vulnerable to collisions, and thus no longer considered secure, by 2018.

Microsoft and other vendors plan to move to the SHA-2 suite of digest algorithms which includes the following 4 variants: SHA-224, SHA-256, SHA-384, and SHA-512.

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