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SmtpStatusCode Enumeration

An enumeration of possible SMTP status codes.

Namespace:  MailKit.Net.Smtp
Assembly:  MailKit (in MailKit.dll) Version: 3.0.0
public enum SmtpStatusCode
  Member nameValueDescription
SystemStatus211 The "system status" status code.
HelpMessage214 The "help" status code.
ServiceReady220 The "service ready" status code.
ServiceClosingTransmissionChannel221 The "service closing transmission channel" status code.
AuthenticationSuccessful235 The "authentication successful" status code.
Ok250 The general purpose "OK" status code.
UserNotLocalWillForward251 The "User not local; will forward" status code.
CannotVerifyUserWillAttemptDelivery252 The "cannot verify user; will attempt delivery" status code.
AuthenticationChallenge334 The "authentication challenge" status code.
StartMailInput354 The "start mail input" status code.
ServiceNotAvailable421 The "service not available" status code.
PasswordTransitionNeeded432 The "password transition needed" status code.
MailboxBusy450 The "mailbox busy" status code.
ErrorInProcessing451 The "error in processing" status code.
InsufficientStorage452 The "insufficient storage" status code.
TemporaryAuthenticationFailure454 The "temporary authentication failure" status code.
CommandUnrecognized500 The "command unrecognized" status code.
SyntaxError501 The "syntax error" status code.
CommandNotImplemented502 The "command not implemented" status code.
BadCommandSequence503 The "bad command sequence" status code.
CommandParameterNotImplemented504 The "command parameter not implemented" status code.
AuthenticationRequired530 The "authentication required" status code.
AuthenticationMechanismTooWeak534 The "authentication mechanism too weak" status code.
AuthenticationInvalidCredentials535 The "authentication invalid credentials" status code.
EncryptionRequiredForAuthenticationMechanism538 The "encryption required for authentication mechanism" status code.
MailboxUnavailable550 The "mailbox unavailable" status code.
UserNotLocalTryAlternatePath551 The "user not local try alternate path" status code.
ExceededStorageAllocation552 The "exceeded storage allocation" status code.
MailboxNameNotAllowed553 The "mailbox name not allowed" status code.
TransactionFailed554 The "transaction failed" status code.
MailFromOrRcptToParametersNotRecognizedOrNotImplemented555 The "mail from/rcpt to parameters not recognized or not implemented" status code.
An enumeration of possible SMTP status codes.
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