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FormatOptions Properties

The FormatOptions type exposes the following members.

Public propertyAllowMixedHeaderCharsets
Get or set whether the formatter should allow mixed charsets in the headers.
Public propertyAlwaysQuoteParameterValues
Get or set whether Content-Type and Content-Disposition parameter values should always be quoted even when they don't need to be.
Public propertyEnsureNewLine
Get or set whether the formatter should ensure that messages end with a new-line sequence.
Public propertyHiddenHeaders
Get the message headers that should be hidden.
Public propertyInternational
Get or set whether the new "Internationalized Email" formatting standards should be used.
Public propertyMaxLineLength
Gets or sets the maximum line length used by the encoders. The encoders use this value to determine where to place line breaks.
Public propertyNewLineFormat
Get or set the new-line format.
Public propertyParameterEncodingMethod
Get or set the method to use for encoding Content-Type and Content-Disposition parameter values.
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