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MailKit.Search Namespace

The MailKit.Search namespace provides classes that are necessary for searching folders for messages matching a set of criteria.
Public classAnnotationSearchQuery
An annotation-based search query.
Public classBinarySearchQuery
A binary search query such as an AND or OR expression.
Public classDateSearchQuery
A date-based search query.
Public classFilterSearchQuery
A filter-based search query.
Public classHeaderSearchQuery
A header-based search query.
Public classNumericSearchQuery
A numeric search query.
Public classOrderBy
Specifies a sort order for search results.
Public classOrderByAnnotation
Specifies an annotation-based sort order for search results.
Public classSearchQuery
A specialized query for searching messages in a IMailFolder.
Public classSearchResults
The results of a search.
Public classTextSearchQuery
A text-based search query.
Public classUidSearchQuery
A unique identifier-based search query.
Public classUnarySearchQuery
A unary search query such as a NOT expression.
Public enumerationOrderByType
The field to sort by.
Public enumerationSearchOptions
Advanced search options.
Public enumerationSearchTerm
A search term.
Public enumerationSortOrder
An enumeration of sort orders.