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IMailFolderMessageSummaryFetched Event

Occurs when a message summary is fetched from the folder.

Namespace:  MailKit
Assembly:  MailKit (in MailKit.dll) Version: 3.0.0
event EventHandler<MessageSummaryFetchedEventArgs> MessageSummaryFetched


Type: SystemEventHandlerMessageSummaryFetchedEventArgs

Emitted when a message summary is fetched from the folder.

When multiple message summaries are being fetched from a remote folder, it is possible that the connection will drop or some other exception will occur, causing the Fetch method to fail, requiring the client to request the same set of message summaries again after it reconnects. This is obviously inefficient. To alleviate this potential problem, this event will be emitted as soon as the IMailFolder successfully retrieves the complete IMessageSummary for each requested message.

Note Note
The Fetch methods will return a list of all message summaries that any information was retrieved for, regardless of whether or not all of the requested items were fetched, therefore there may be a discrepency between the number of times this event is emitetd and the number of summary items returned from the Fetch method.
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